Aviva's Agent Website

When I joined Aviva, work on their agent portal had begun. The team was struggling with the designs produced by an external agency for the public website. The agent website had much more content and planned functionality so new layouts and UI patterns were needed.

I worked with Business Analysts who were writing business requirements for each area of the site, creating wireframes to accompany their documentation. Once approved, I would design new UI elements and I work with developers to implement the design. If technical issues came up, we would whiteboard out options to come up with a design solution that would work. I did quite a bit of CSS tweaking to get the design of elements just right. I participated in daily standup meetings, show and tells, user acceptance testing and usability testing sessions.

Paper Systems

Paper Systems was one of the most interesting clients I worked with while employed by Red 5 Interactive. Early in the project I was able to meet with the clients and tour their facility, learning about their products and the challenges of storing bulk liquid products. They essentially make cardboard boxes that hold large plastic bags that have valves in them. They did not have a logo or visual identity, so that’s where I started.

For the logo, I wanted to incorporate the "liquid” concept visually. I also tried some concepts that incorporated recycling, green and cardboard references.

The chosen logo is the one on top. The smaller logos show some of the alternative concepts we presented.

The chosen logo is the one on top. The smaller logos show some of the alternative concepts we presented.

Once the logo was approved, I worked on designs for the website. We also created an email template.

Meredith "Deals" Microsites

This is a collection of promotional microsites I worked on while at Red 5 Interactive. Ads in car owner magazines would direct readers to a sweepstakes site where they could enter to win a prize. While there, they could also browse other exclusive offers. I was provided images, but had freedom to design the layout of the sites, and matched the aesthetics of the brands.


Shopping Mall Websites

This is a collection of web site designs I worked on while at Red 5 Interactive, which has a client base that includes several chains of shopping malls. For each chain, I would design a layout based on the features they wanted to incorporate. Each shopping mall they owned would have a customized color palette and imagery that was updated quarterly.

Each mall would also have an interactive directory map. I would create the map in Illustrator and export it as a SVG so that the colors and text could be changed programmatically. At one point, I created 3D directories for all the malls, which was a challenge.

In addition to their primary websites, I would also work on promotional microsites. The client would typically provide the creative assets for the campaign and then I would translate that into the online experience, working from wireframes our production coordinator created. Again, we would work in functionality so that each individual mall would have its own branded campaign site.


Coffeeberry is a unique product. It's a tasteless, odorless powder derived from the fruit of the coffee bean. The client wanted us to design an identity to market the product as a nutritional additive. They wanted their target audience to understand that it was NOT a berry-flavored coffee product. I chose to explore an illustrative approach that would highlight the brightly-colored beans of the fruit. Then I used tea packaging to show it’s potential application as a food additive. This concept was not chosen by the client.

Work completed while employed at Cooper Smith and Company.


I've been a member of a local artist group for nearly ten years (2006–2015). The group meets monthly to critique each others' work, commisserate and have fun. The group also puts on an annual exhibit, which has to be marketed. For me, these are fun exercises in how to communicate the concept of the show without making an assemblage of photos from each artist. Our budget is pretty low, so we hang up posters around town, hand out postcards and use social media to try and draw an audience.

My role within the group has been to edit press release drafts, set up the website, train people how to use it and then try to persuade them that it's really not that hard to update once in a while. Paintpushers.com is built on Tumblr specifically for ease of use, low cost, and easy sharing functionality.