Kathryn Downing
Visual Design, UX Design, Creative Direction


The Cube

For an assignment at Grand View, we were challenged to design the interface for an imaginary cube-shaped apartment block in Dubai where the elevators opened directly into 1600 different apartments. Due to the complexity of the layout and the demographics of the population of Dubai, this required a lot of thinking.

I started by researching Dubai. Based on what I learned, I created some hypothesis personas for the building. I mind-mapped all the considerations and researched elevator interfaces. Rather than physical buttons, I designed a touch-screen interface. Inspired by my Volt’s remote key fob, I worked around the idea of a key fob that a resident could carry in a pocket or purse to be detected as a resident. I then created a flow chart of the various interface screens needed for the elevator. If you would like to read my Dubai summary and hypothesis personas, you can read the full summary here.

I used Balsamiq Mockups to create wireframes of the interface.