Kathryn Downing
Visual Design, UX Design, Creative Direction


Grading app design

This was a project completed for an app design course at Grand View University. The brief was to create an app for a school district that would provide a more efficient way for high school students to electronically submit assignments and for teachers to digitally grade and track them.

I started by researching similar apps and mapping the flow through the app of key tasks. I also identified three user types — teachers, students and parents.

As part of our first milestone, I created an abbreviated style guide for the app. We were given the school mascot and school colors. I created a simple word mark and chose accent colors and typography that would be modern and easy to read.

I also storyboarded key tasks that would be completed in the app.

I then created wireframes using Basalmiq Mockups to show the layout of the screens and how they would differ for each user type.

After the wireframes were complete, I created the final designs in InDesign, added interactivity and used Export Kit to create a prototype app. You can download the epub file here. I conducted testing sessions with six users to gain feedback on the app.

Finally, I created an Implementation Summary addressed to district administrators to help them understand how the app works, how it was built and why it was designed the way it was. I included a design overview, a summary of the usability testing and recommendations for implementations. You can read the full summary here.