I spent three years working on Aviva USA's web properties. AvivaUSA.com was their public-facing website. Before I joined the team, the website had been designed by an external agency and the internal graphic designers created all images.

I also took on creating all graphics. I advocated for live text instead of images with text, working with the Web Specialist on the team to update components in the CMS. The site design also made heavy use of drop shadow images that were all fixed-width and in the HTML code. I rewrote the code to use CSS background images and gradients instead which decreased the load time of the site pages. On the homepage, I simplified the account login area. I also reworked the site footer to include more helpful links. As our use of social media increased, I added sharing functionality and links to Aviva’s social pages.

I participated in an advisory board for the website where we proposed and prioritized roadmap items for the site. User testing was conducted quarterly. I would attend the user testing sessions and make suggestions for improvement afterwards.

Aviva USA Home page

Aviva USA Home page

One area we significantly changed based on user feedback, was the “Find an Agent” page. The agency had concepted a tool where you could put in your zip code and it would list an agent near you. In reality, the finder didn’t work very well due to data constraints.

Policy owners sometimes used the tool expecting to be contacted by their existing agent. But would instead be contacted by a new agent trying to sell them a product. We renamed the page “Connect with an Agent” and adjusted the content to eliminate confusion. We also combined separate web forms from different areas of the site into one dynamic contact form allowing us to funnel issues to the appropriate area of the company.

An insight we gained from user feedback was that people were reluctant to connect with an agent because they anticipated a hard sell to follow. So we added content to help them understand the services an agent can provide, and featured profiles on some of our top agents to humanize them.

I created wireframes of the pages to show the flow through the content. For the final design, I used icons and visual elements to break up the text and add visual interest. I wrote the HTML and CSS for the pages, and provided input on the form fields.

Find an Agent | Aviva USA – Life and Annuities 2013-07-11 11-33-17.jpeg
Connect with an Agent page

Connect with an Agent page

“Youmanity” was a corporate responsibility initiative that had three ongoing campaigns. Youmanity tokens were wooden nickels that could be passed on with good deeds and tracked through social media. Street to School was a global initiative for Aviva, and Insuring a Future allowed agents to nominate people who faced a loss without life insurance. I was involved in pretty much any Youmanity project, as it usually included website updates, lead generation forms, social media content and email campaigns.