Kathryn Downing
Visual Design, UX Design, Creative Direction


Shopping Mall Websites

This is a collection of web site designs I worked on while at Red 5 Interactive, which has a client base that includes several chains of shopping malls. For each chain, I would design a layout based on the features they wanted to incorporate. Each shopping mall they owned would have a customized color palette and imagery that was updated quarterly.

Each mall would also have an interactive directory map. I would create the map in Illustrator and export it as a SVG so that the colors and text could be changed programmatically. At one point, I created 3D directories for all the malls, which was a challenge.

In addition to their primary websites, I would also work on promotional microsites. The client would typically provide the creative assets for the campaign and then I would translate that into the online experience, working from wireframes our production coordinator created. Again, we would work in functionality so that each individual mall would have its own branded campaign site.

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