Kathryn Downing
Visual Design, UX Design, Creative Direction


Wings of Hope International

One of the faculty members at Grand View University is a founder of a non-profit that seeks to empower people living in Moldova. Our class was tasked with creating an updated website.

Here's what the site looked like when we started:

You can find the site at http://whintl.org/.

My approach

I started by creating a simple style guide in Frontify that could be referenced by anyone working on the site. It provided basic rules for colors, font styling and photography. My proposal to the client included a change in the logo. I wanted the "wings" to be visually associated with the organization, so I placed them in a way so that they looked more like a creature in flight rather than boxed in triangles.

The client was in Moldova at the time of the project, but we were able to Skype with him to get more information on the organization, its goals, life in Moldova, and who uses the current website. Based on this information, I created a new site architecture and design. I started with static Photoshop files, and then built out all of the content in HTML, CSS and Javascript. I used Bootstrap for a framework.

The final deliverable for the project was a custom Wordpress theme. I installed Wordpress locally using Mamp, created the theme files using PHP, populated all the content and then exported the database.