Kathryn Downing
Visual Design, UX Design, Creative Direction



I've been a member of a local artist group for nearly ten years (2006–2015). The group meets monthly to critique each others' work, commisserate and have fun. The group also puts on an annual exhibit, which has to be marketed. For me, these are fun exercises in how to communicate the concept of the show without making an assemblage of photos from each artist. Our budget is pretty low, so we hang up posters around town, hand out postcards and use social media to try and draw an audience.

My role within the group has been to edit press release drafts, set up the website, train people how to use it and then try to persuade them that it's really not that hard to update once in a while. Paintpushers.com is built on Tumblr specifically for ease of use, low cost, and easy sharing functionality.